12-week Transformation V.I.P Coaching Program

You are probably reading this because being healthy and fit is important to you and you’re curious to see what we are all about. Perhaps YOU ARE actually considering professional Coaching because you’re ready to make a mind blowing transformation like the ones you’ve seen on the internet. Either way, we are happy you found us and rest assured, WE CAN HELP!

We understand the obstacles and challenges of daily life that have prevented you from reaching your ultimate goal in the past. We understand the frustration of trying numerous diets and workouts, only to end up with less than spectacular results. The good news is... Transformation is our specialty and Fit-Rx Pros have your prescription for MASSIVE CHANGE!

Our 50 years of combined experiences in Coaching thousands of people to their personal best has taught us how to cut through the nonsense and provide you with real world tools and strategies. Our proven Coaching support system is designed to radically shift your mindset, shatter any limiting beliefs and FINALLY deliver a new and improved YOU!

1. Your 12-week Transformation V.I.P Coaching Program includes every premium service we offer rolled into one convenient package with all of the tools and support you will ever need. 

2. An initial Iron Mind Strategy Session will establish clearly defined goals and determine your readiness to come on board with the Fit-Rx Pro’s. If we are a good fit, the next step is to flex our 50 combined years of mental muscle to design your personal blueprint for success.

3. Goal specific exercise and nutritional programming are key components of your success. Using our advanced nutrition & exercise programming software, we create progressive hybrid training programs and structured yet flexible, hassle free menus.

4  Local clients seeking hands on support will execute 3-4 dynamic workouts each week with your ELITE coaching team of Kristian Grant & Cynthia Sharp.

5. Membership to our Fit-Rx Pro’s online coaching platform where you will have access your nutrition and exercise programming, workout log, and upload weekly progress pics to your private account through our easy to use app.

6. Daily Check inns, weekly photo uploads and regular progress assessment appointments are designed to inspire compliance, accountability and INSANE RESULTS!

* Since we are passionately committed to delivering DRAMATIC RESUTS and only work with a few clients at a time, we are currently screening applications for serious, motivated candidates with the mental readiness to join our exclusive V.I.P Fit Squad for an EPIC Group Transformation Challenge beginning January 2017! 

Click below to submit your application apply your 12-week transformation!