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All you need is a grand vision and the will to work for it.

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WELCOME to Fit-Rx Pros! birthplace of the new you!

Question: What is your ULTIMATE FITNESS VISION? 

Think BIG! Because I mean the FULLY UPGRADED, 2.0 version of  yourself! 

Ask yourself... would I feel different, act different, be more adventurous, confident and outgoing?

 Maybe even do a photo shoot, run a 5k, obstacle course race or just have the energy and stamina required to live LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

Friends, we are talking about OPTIMAL HEALTH AND ENERGY WHILE TRANSFORMING YOUR BODY with a simple sustainable formula.

Whether your vision is to end obesity, step on stage in a physique competition or just drop those last stubborn 10lbs for good, we will develop a Fit-RX to take you from wherever you are now to your final destination.

By the way, I’m Cynthia Sharp, a Pro Figure Competitor, Elite Powerlifter and veteran in the fit biz if you will. Kristian my hubby and other half of the Fit-Rx Pro's is nothing short a genius in our field and is best known for his passion and dedication to our clients. 

We are so confident in our skill set and ability to serve you in a meaningful way that we just can't wait to meet you and get started! 

Our combined 50 years of experience has taught us exactly how to provide you with just the right kind of support needed to make sure that your ultimate vision BECOMES A REALITY.

So what are you waiting for? There''s just one more thing to do!...

Envision the grandest version of the NEW YOU! Now write down all of your goals, challenges and questions… and reach out to us!! 

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