Kristian Grant

Kristian Grant is the creator of Fit Rx Pros, an advanced online coaching platform and support community born to serve those who take personal physique and performance goals seriously. Recognized as an elite level fitness professional with a two-decade track record of excellence, Kristian’s personal fitness journey began as a skinny, somewhat introverted teen with an obsessive love of reading.

“It was inevitable that I would eventually stumble upon my first muscle magazine, and when I did, it felt like a date with destiny!”

An unquenchable thirst for more information about the art and science of muscle/strength building soon led to the exact information he needed to convert himself into a confident, successful young fitness professional and bodybuilding champion. What followed was an inspired career of delivering his elite level services to legions of loyal Florida fitness enthusiasts.

“Working with hudreds of people over my 25-year career has provided me with unique insights and robust skill-set that allows me to guide clients towards their ultimate fitness goal with clarity and precision that's almost instinctive.”

Kristian’s passion for helping others integrate exercise and healthy eating habits into their lives is the fuel that drives his life's mission to guide, motivate and inspire others to make positive change in the areas of personal fitness and wellness.

“When the student is ready, the master will appear” – Buddha

Cynthia Sharp

With 25 years of complete immersion and service in the fitness industry, Miami native Cynthia Sharp has cemented her reputation as one of south Florida's most respected and sought after fitness professionals. Insights gained from over 2 decades of client/coach relationships have provided a deep understanding of human psychology as it relates to body image and habitual behaviors.

Cynthia's mission is to empower people with the vision, tools and support needed to make meaningful and lasting change in the the areas of fitness and personal performance. That supreme objective coupled with the mindset of a dual sport professional athlete (Elite Powerlifter and Pro Figure competitor) is the fuel that drives her firm coaching style.